STAR WARS: Tales of the Solay Express

SEASON 1 - Episode X

Horrors of Past Deeds (Part I)

Horrors of Past Deeds (Part I)

Narrowly avoiding destruction, SLYSSK and his crew return to their home base on the desert world of Solay to deliver the shipment of RYL-X stolen from the Imperials on Arlave.

The crew of the Solay Express ponder their next move hoping that their new business partner may offer them some protection and isolate them from the fallout of their previous venture.

Meanwhile, the GALACTIC EMPIRE, frustrated with the theft of the dangerous substance, a key element in a secret Imperial Operation, have dispatched bounty hunters into the sector to recover the cargo and deal with those responsible. Unfortunately for KYLAR, those same hunters are aligned with a notorious Hutt Clan eager to seek revenge....

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: “Kylar” (Collateral Accountability) (Doubles)
DESTINY POOL: Light 2 / Dark 4

PAN DOWN: The yellow world of Solay, its 10 clustered suns bathing the planet is their heat.

A large vessel looms overhead. A Hutt Battle Barge comes into view. Suddenly a large hatch grinds open in its underbelly. Several small Hutt transports exits the bay and head towards the surface, flanked by two Hutt fighters.

CUT TO: A Distant outpost somewhere in the Outback Regions of Solay. Children can be seen playing on what appears to be a tarmac, a version of hopscotch etched out in the dirt. Workers move about the building as they prepare to shut down the facility for the night. A tall middle aged Rodian surveys the area around the settlement. He leans down and collects some sand. He watches as the sands pour onto the ground. His head snaps upwards, and races to the closest sentry tower. A verpine stands guard, surveying the area with a pair of macro-binocuilars.

Moments later the two fighters begin blasting the settlement. Building topple. Screams can be heard. Moments later, one of the transports land, several armoured humanoids exit the transport, guns blazing. The second transport lands near the main building, a tall dark armoured woman strides out behind several similarly armoured foes.

Blaster fire continues, with several battles shown. The settlers are no match for the precision of the bounty hunters. Eventually Jora and the verpine are brought before the tall Bounty Hunter.

Belyssa snap draws her modified heavy blaster pistol and shoots Jora square in the head, and his lifeless corpse collapses to the ground. The female bounty hunter tilts her head as she looks down at the fallen Rodian, the reflection of blood pooling around the body of the Rodian can be seen in her highly reflective visor. She straightens herself, no longer mesmorised by the flowing ichor, and turns to the Verpine.

CUT TO: Interior of the Solay Express hanger bay.


sound of a click, and of recording equipment whirring into life

Hello I…pausesound of struggling No. Get…no! Get off my lap! No you can’t see! I’m trying to do something here and…no! Ow! Get off me! No you can not sit on my friggin’ shoulders!

muffled speech

This is my story. Look just…yes. We can sing Corellian pop songs together later. Yes I think Kyl Dirass is dreamy. Look, I’m trying to do something here Princess.

muffled struggling. Muffled speech.

So help me, girl, I will stun you and swear up and down to your brother that you fell and hit your head!


Oh Jeez. Don’t cry. Look. Look! Loooooook. That’s right. Isn’t it pretty? These are P-57 blaster pistols. Shiny? Shiiiiiiny. If you promise to stop crying and don’t shoot anyone we like you can play with them in the back yard. Whoa! Wait! Don’t just run off like that! Are you crazy? Look at the safeties! Do you see this? This is the safety. What do we know about the safety? That’s right. “If Mister Safety is not off then Mister Blaster is no fun.”. There. Safeties off. You run along and play. I’ll be out shortly and we can shoot at stuff. Have fun.

sound of enthusiastic girlish cheering. Running feet

Man I’m gonna have to edit this out for later.

click of recording equipment turning off

click of recording equipment turning on

“I’M BACK!!!”

click of recording equipment turning off

SEASON 1 - Episode X

I wouldn’t say I am given to flights of fancy or foolish notions but what happened when I was hiding the ship was a bit….I don’t know……strange?

First of all I had a feeling that there was something in that valley. I had nothing to base that feeling on and a scan with the macrobinoculars turned up nothing yet I still got on my swoop and spent some time driving around trying to work out what was bothering me. Or maybe calling me? Calling to me? No that makes no sense at all.

Then I saw the cave.

In the dark.

There is no way I should have been able to see it and I doubt I actually did at first but I knew it was there. But how? And why did it give me such a creepy feeling?

I’ll tell the boss about the cave as it could be a handy place to lie low but no way am I telling him it’s giving me the heebie jeebies!

SEASON 1 - Episode X

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