STAR WARS: Tales of the Solay Express

SEASON 1 - Episode XI

Horrors of Past Deeds (Part II)

Horrors of Past Deeds (Part II)

A group of Hutt Clan aligned bounty hunters, lead by the infamous BEYLYSSA, have attacked several outlying businesses and homesteads in the Southern Reaches of Solay including the headquarters of the Solay Express.

With quick thinking, SLYSSK and his crew thwarted the attack, minimized the damage caused, and fled deeper into the desert, hoping to avoid any further conflict.

Armed with the commitment to save their business, the crew have taken shelter in a small nearby farm to rest and recuperate. As the crew ponder their next move, an ancient power, buried deep under the shifting Solay sands, calls out to one of its members....

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: “Kylar” (Collateral Accountability) (Doubles)
DESTINY POOL: Light 1 / Dark 6


Dreams are just dreams…..aren’t they? But if they are then why did my dreams come true? And how did I know from looking at an etching on a cave wall that the item depicted was somewhere below us? Not know in the sense of there is a map to where the item should be but know as in I know it is there.

And then finding the item and having it call to me. Call to me in such a way that I just had to go to it. How does an inanimate object talk? How does it make you act against your will? And how does it make you shoot lightning from your hand?

I don’t know who that Quarren was, I don’t know what the statue was but I am so glad I threw it in the lava. It was inside my mind, no not inside my mind it was in my body and I was just a helpless observer.

I need to know more but I don’t know where to start. Maybe I am just going mad? I wish I’d had the chance to talk to that Quarren but with the cave in I guess that won’t be happening. If he survived that he is still stuck behind several tons of rock. Also us ambushing him and shooting his arm off would probably make things a bit awkward. I know I wouldn’t be terribly cooperative if someone did that to me.

SEASON 1 - Episode XI

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