STAR WARS: Tales of the Solay Express

SEASON 2 - Episode I

War of the Betrayed

War of the Betrayed

Civil war rages across the desert world of Solay. Terrorism and revolution, fueled by the uprising of rebel forces eager to overthrow the planet’s ruler, LORD BLACKHART, engulfs the system leading Imperial Forces to institute marshal law and to bolster the system’s blockade.

Meanwhile, angered by the attack on their business and the death of a loved one, the crew of the Solay Express, now operating under the name THE ASHEN HAND, have set in motion a plan to take control of the planet’s underworld.

Now, on the eve of a significant rebel assault against Imperial forces, the Solay Express crew make plans for a surgical strike, not against the Empire, but against the first of those who have betrayed them....

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: “Kylar” (Collateral Accountability)
DESTINY POOL: Light 3 / Dark 4

The PCs have been readying themselves for a Rebellion of a different sort. The battle leads them to nearly take the capital, but at the last minute, the Rebel forces’ morale breaks, causing them to flee into the streets. The Ashen Hand was victorious in their revenge against the Rebels who had threatened them with exposure, they had claimed a significant control of the starport’s security system, but unfortunately may have gained an enemy in the form of Lord Blackhart, a mysterious commander who leads the Solay Government.


I don’t think I am ever going to sleep again. I don’t know what that thing did to me in the palace dungeons. I don’t think I want to know. I hate feeling helpless! I hate the way it ripped my mind apart and took what it wanted! I really regret destroying that statue we found in that old temple. Maybe it could have been some use to me after all. Given me the power to resist or even strike down my vile torturer!

I will have my revenge! I will seek out other items of power and use them to protect myself.

Now I need to work out how to acquire a particular item from a shop I know. I must have it and I must have it soon!

SEASON 2 - Episode I

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