STAR WARS: Tales of the Solay Express

SEASON 2 - Episode II

A Fur Price

A Fur Price

The rebel movement on Solay is in tatters. THE ASHEN HAND has orchestrated the division of Solay’s native population from that of the rebel leadership, leaving a vacuum of power in the wake of the recent rebel offensive.

As the dust settles and the Empire takes stock of its losses, the crew of the SOLAY EXPRESS learn of an exclusive shipping contract being offered by the notorious gangster, TRESKA THE HUTT.

Hoping to gain favour with the Hutt, the crew have travelled to the lawless world of Qi’Ilbre to negotiate with the Hutt, only to be directed to a secret meeting amidst the wreckage of the abandoned space station in orbit around the planet....

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: Slyssk (Obsession – Coat)
DESTINY POOL: Light 4 / Dark 4

The PCs are hired to meet with an informant named Khrass who is seeking their assistance with a smuggling operation. The PCs are ambushed by Black Sun in the midst of the ruined space station hanging in orbit above Qi’Ilbre.

The PCs escape and are lead to Indebedi where they meet the leaders of a Trandoshan Slavers group who have been capturing Wookiees from a peace loving community on the plaent and selling them as slaves. One of the leaders is not on good terms with Slyssk and his family, as he is a member of a rival clan. The PCs must are forced to make “friends” with the Trandoshans which leads to a none too pleasant dining experience where they are given a meal of fresh Wookiee flesh.

Suddenly the encampment is attacked by Rebels who are attempting to free the Wookiee slaves. Darius, helps several pens of Wookiees escape. Slyssk turns the tables on the informant Khrass who appears to be acting as a double agent and kills him before Khrass steals their ship. The Rebels flee with the Wookiee slaves, but the PCs are seen as worthy allies in the smuggling operation. The PCs are offered a lucrative contract and so must now find a suitable ship to meet the Trandoshan demands.


I’ve spent time in a thousand skeezy space bars and cantinas, and you see the same kind of people in each of them. The boozers. The spiceheads. Drinking their lives away, or just snorting (or smoking, or injecting) their lives away. Nothing matters to them as much as their particular high. Until it does.

There’s a thing that addicts have, called ‘a moment of clarity’. Where you take stock and you realise just how messed up you really are. Some fall straight back into what ever their vice of choice is but some, some, realise that they’ve fallen and they get back up and they do better.

Freedom, also, is addictive.

I had too much, too soon, after I fled to Solay. While I don’t regret most of what I’ve done thus far (Who could? It’s been an amazing trip!) I realise that the high of freedom that I’ve been on has made me fail to see what else was happening. It’s like that, with addicts. They only see their own rush and block out the rest.

So I had a moment of clarity.

Let’s make one thing clear here. I’m not a good guy. I’m not a good guy screaming to get out of a bad guy’s body. I’m not a good guy. I’m a criminal, a thug, and a killer and I really am OK with that. I like what I am and what I do. Even slavery, while it’s a little on the distasteful side, doesn’t bother me that much unless it’s someone I know.

But what happened, that was just unabashed cruelty, done for the sake of cruelty and nothing else. It was wasteful and it was fucked up and I had my moment of clarity. I saw lines I wouldn’t cross.

And damn it, I crossed the line. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t on purpose. I fired the shot and that poor, Wookiee kid died. And that. Is fucking. It.

I’m not a hero. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I mean I suppose I am to some people, who I’ve helped, but heroism isn’t really what I do. I’m helping to create a fucking criminal organisation, after all. And people get hurt, and people die, but not like that. Not like that, ever again. I’m not a good guy, and neither are the others (and Darius is headed in a direction that I don’t think he wants to go, but everyone has their own journey to take and trials to cross) but we don’t have to be like that. We can take control without basking in cruelty for its own sake.

I can’t, anyway.

When I sleep, sometimes I see Daisy looking at me. Sometimes she’s bright and sunny like when we used to go target shooting. And sometimes she’s frightened of me the way she was the last time we spoke.

I don’t want to be that guy. Even I have my line. Time I drew it in the sand.

SEASON 2 - Episode II

I feel that I have lost my way somewhat or perhaps I have found a new way. I don’t know.

On one hand all I want to do is fly. Throttle to maximum, no course laid in and a series of obstacles to get around. Whether it is the skies of a planet or the blackness of space flying is freedom. No cares, no worries, just for the thrill of it!

But there are things I have discovered.

Or half discovered.

Or maybe I’ve just imagined it all?

No, there is a power calling to me and I must learn more. It seems to reside in certain objects and these I will have. I will buy them, I will steal them, I will kill to take possession of them. I will learn how to use them, to master the power that resides in them. No cost will be too great to pay!

SEASON 2 - Episode II

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