STAR WARS: Tales of the Solay Express

SEASON 2 - Episode VI

Fate of the Derian Sun (Part III)

Fate of the Derian Sun (Part III)

SINASU THE HUTT is dead! Her court and palace are in ruins after a devastating explosion rocked the building leaving the palace and the surrounding businesses of THE PITTS in chaos.

In the dungeons below, Slyssk, Darius and Kendall are left to wonder the fate of their companion Kylar, who they last saw in the throne room moments before the explosion above. In the face of their despair, the three must escape or join the Hutt’s demise as the palace continues to fall around them.

Hal Novar, pursued by several of the Hutt’s guards, flees into the pandemonium of the THE PITS only to come face to face with VRAXOO NELTON, a rival who aims to eliminate his competition once and for all....

DESTINY POOL: Light 4 / Dark 1


It was a quiet night across The Pits, there was no mistaking the calm before the storm. The palace guard took a heavy drag on his cigarette and took a moment to enjoy the toxins quench the craving. His harsh eyes fell down to the short haired woman as she tucked the lighter back into a pocket on her fatigues. The guard grunted something that could have been a thank you, and turned back to his post at Sinasu’s palace wall. The woman didn’t move, she just kept her green eyes fixed on the other human. Slowly, this time with frustration on his face, the guard turned and fixed the woman a stiff glare.
“I said thanks, now move on,” commanded the guard. The woman shook her head.
“You have something I need,” the woman said bluntly. The guard spun and narrowed his eyes, his casual grip on his carbine stiffening just a little. “Your code cylinder for the palace security entrance,” she added. The guard exhaled a lungful of purple-grey smoke at the woman’s face, laughing.
“Oh yeah, that’so ‘ey? Whatcha makes ya’ fink I’d give it to ya, ‘ey?”
“I was just going to take it.” There was a moment’s stillness between the two, the guard visibly comprehending the woman’s words, taking too long to understand the threat. His grip of his weapon twitched, too slow though, the woman acted faster. With cold precision she rammed him against the duracrete palace wall, with one hand covering his mouth and the other burying the muzzle of a slugthrower pistol into his flabby stomach. The carbine clattered to the ground between them. She saw the whites of his eyes before she pulled the trigger, the loud bang was muffled by clothing and flesh. The guard convulsed as the bullet tore through his gut and sunk into the tough duracrete behind. The woman stepped back, bending down to collect the dropped carbine along the way. The guard crumpled down the wall, leaving a streak of red. He fumbled for something, a transponder, but before he could activate it the woman snatched it from his trembling fingers . She paid no attention to his desperate pleas as she began searching his body for the code cylinder; finding it dangling off a length of leather strap that hung around his neck. She stood and began to walk away but as if she’d forgotten something, she stopped, spun, and moved back to the dying guard. Terrified, he raised a bloody hand in a vain attempt to shield himself from her. She squatted down in front of him, flicked open his jacket pocket, reached in, found his packet of cigarettes, stood, stuffed them into her own pocket as she fixed the dying man with a unfeeling gaze. She made it quick for him in the end. She wiped the knife clean before tucking it back into her boot.
Now, she had a sluglord to kill.

SEASON 2 - Episode VI

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