Zur-Dan Sul

Zabrak (Male) - Warrior: Aggressor/Niman Disciple








- Trained by the Jedi from an early age
- Master was specialised in negotiation and investigation
- Clone wars broke out and Master and apprentice were called upon to travel to many theatres of war to apply their talents to aid the Republic
- Zur-Dan’s particular talent for intimidation was encouraged as it served to further the war effort and he had great skill in finding out things that others did not wish to be known and bringing the enemies of the republic to justice
- Delving into the minds of monsters and only seeing darkness there took it’s toll on him and eventually his sense of Justice was eroded and cruelty took it’s place as he began to forget that these were people as well
- His slide into the dark side went unnoticed as the demands of war took all of his Master’s attention and so his fall was complete before action could be taken
- He was exiled from the order and his Master was tasked with bringing him to justice
- He sought refuge with the criminal organisations that flourished during this time and it was not until near the end of the Clone Wars that he was found by his Master
- He fought against her with all his strength bringing to bear the talents granted to him by his research into the Sith and study of the techniques of Dun Möch but was ultimately overcome as he was all but untrained and his master leveraged the counter style to show him the path back to the light
- Broken and repentant he subjected himself to his Master’s justice knowing that this would mean facing punishment at the hands of the council which could result in death or a severing of the force
- His Master having sensed his repentance was genuine and still feeling much love for the boy turned and walked away, telling him to never be seen again
- His Master reported him as dead to the council and he was stricken from their records
- Zur-Dan ran and found a new life in seclusion where he tossed aside or destroyed all trappings of his former life including his Lightsaber to prevent temptation
- Then Order 66 happened and he was overlooked, it took all of his strength to not rush back to the order to discover the fate of his Master
- Six years passed in peace before his life was disturbed once more when an inquisitor came for him
- The Inquisitor knew him by name and everything about him in great detail, he only managed to escape by pure happenstance and the guiding hand of the force
- The encounter left him with many questions as only one person knew he was alive and they had either betrayed him or had been captured by the empire… and either way this meant there was a chance they were alive
- His flight from the Inquisitor lead him to the planet of Solay where he was able to gather himself and determine a course of action
- Suspecting his Master was alive and in need of help, whether that be a chance at escape or redemption, meant little if he did not have a means of transport and allies to aid him
- After some inquiring, he learnt of the Ashen Hand and their exploits
- In them he saw a reflection of his younger self and felt pity… and something more
- He was drawn to them and felt a need to connect with them, to right their path and in turn perhaps they could help him?

Zur-Dan Sul

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