The Story


What backgrounds can be used?
Any Background and Motivation may be used from any official core rule book or official source. Players may come up with other ideas to suit the style of your character concept.


What races can I play?
All official species are available to players.

But I don’t like those. Can I play <insert>?
Further species contained in the The Unofficial Species Menagerie may also be used, however species listed in official Fantasy Flight Games Core Rule Books and supplementary material will always take precedence. In the case where a species’ statistics are used from an Unofficial Source, and during the campaign are canonized from an Official Source, the player has the option of choosing which version they wish to use.


Which careers can I choose from?
All official careers are available from all official source material from Fantasy Flight Games only. Characters may not choose a specialisation which has the same name as one that the character already possesses.


In the case of players who wish their characters be Force Sensitive, this option MUST be chosen at character creation. Characters may not become Force Sensitive after character creation, nor during initial character creation stage with additional experience points provided after character creation (see below). Characters must therefore choose one of the Force Sensitive careers from Force and Destiny or one of the Universal Specialisations from Age of Rebellion (Force Sensitive Emergent) and Edge of the Empire (Force Sensitive Exile) during character creation. After initial character creation, purchase of careers or specialisations which provide a Force Rating will not be possible.


What will be used?
Characters in this campaign will use Obligation. Duty will not play a part in this campaign other than through a new mechanic called Reputation. Tracking Reputation will be performed by the game master. Characters may have multiple Reputation Scores across a number of organisations. Gaining Reputation with one organisation may result is a lowering of the Reputation the character has with another organisation.

What about characters with Force Rating?
Characters that have a Force Rating must use the Morality mechanic as well as using the Obligation mechanic.

Can I get the benefit from both Morality and Obligation?
Characters with both Morality and Obligation may only select one experience/monetary benefit at the time of character creation.


Edge of the Empire allows for a wide range of character options allowing for generating good character concepts during character generation. Characters who were former Jedi are an exception to this and their abilities are not well represented using a standard beginning character. For this reason, character generation will be slightly different in that players begin character creation with the standard number of Experience Points allocated for their character’s species plus any gained through the extra points granted by Morality/Obligation. Once completed, an additional 50 XP will be provided to help players round off their character concepts. The only restrictions to this are:

  • Skills cannot be raised above 3 during this second stage of character generation
  • Attributes cannot be raised with these additional experience points as this expenditure is deemed to occur after initial character generation.


What gear can I get?
All official equipment is available to be purchased. Items not contained in the official rule books and supplements will not be available.

How many credits can I get to spend?
Characters will start with 3000 credits in order to purchase equipment, not 500 credits as listed in the Core Rule Book.

Can I have a lightsaber?
Yes and no. The standard lightsaber contained in Edge of the Empire is valued at 10,000 credits. The lightsaber will only be available to those who have a Force Rating, however given the costs involved, it is more likely that a player will have the training saber only.


The heroes will have access to a single starship of their choosing which costs anywhere up to 120,000 credits. The ship must be from an official source. Jedi Holocrons will not available at the time of initial character creation for this campaign, but may become available at a later stage through game play. The characters will have a Basic Business as per page 84 of the Far Horizons Sourcebook for Edge of the Empire. This will automatically provide a group obligation of 5 x the number of PCs in the group. The Business will have a Party Career Skill of Retail (Negotiation), the business having a primary activity of delivery and shipping of goods.


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