STAR WARS: Tales of the Solay Express

SEASON 1 - Episode III

The Big Gamble

The Big Gamble

Lockdown! Rebellious activity continues to plague the military forces on Solay, the unrest resulting in a battalion of Imperial Stormtroopers being dispatched to the planet to quell the mounting dissent.

With security forces spread across the system, a planet wide search continues for those responsible for the horrific murder of well-respected Solay High Council member, NASIAN LOGE.

Meanwhile, SLYSSK, and the crew of the Solay Express, flee the capital with their cargo of highly illegal spice, recovered from the scene of the Councillor’s murder. Unfortunately their flight to freedom is cut short, as they are once again pursued across the desert....

DESTINY POOL: Light 3 / Dark 3


  • The crew of the Solay Express find themselves being chased by what was left of the Nebula Rats across the desert as they head back to their base of operations. Overwhelmed due to their already existing injuries from their first confrontation with the rats, and the sheer numbers who has chased them, the crew put their pedal to the metal as they take their skiff and three stolen speeder bikes to avoid the rabid Rannats.
  • During the battle, both Kylar and Slyssk are knocked unconscious, with the former suffering near fatal injuries when he was knocked out, and crashed his speeder into the desert floor. Slyssk was luckier when he was merely knocked out and collapsed onto the deck of the skiff.
  • During the battle, as things started to go poorly, Hal turned the ship around and was able to ram the Rannat’s speeder, causing a majority to find themselves on the receiving end of an exploding speeder. Several of the Rannats however managed to climb aboard the skiff, and with daggers drawn made their way towards the skiff’s pilot.
  • Meanwhile, one of the Rannats managed to kitch as ride of Kendall’s speeder, but not before Talgoto was able to take the Rannat out with some fancy flying of his own.
  • The Rannants who appeared on the skiff split their forces, with one attempting to get back their cargo, and the other two attempted to fleece Hal of his limbs.


Gather around, one and all. Drink deeply from the well of wisdom and awesome that is Kendall Hanlon.

Here’s what Kendall has taken from the party. You’ll have to excuse not using their names. He probably doesn’t in his head either. I mean he knows their names, but if you were to ask him these are the nicknames he would refer to them as. Which is part him being an idiot and part his way of keeping their names off the radar so nobody can link up anything with them.

That Merchant Guy<tm>
Our Twi’lek buddy, running the shipping business. Kendall liked him right away, actually. He had that whole ‘I don’t really give a damn. Business is just what I do to kill time and make a living for better things.’ kind of attitude that Kendall kind of dug. Certainly he is of the sincere belief that this guy is not at all running out of money. He thinks he’s playing at running out of money, and with good reason. The Empire doesn’t want to see aliens get ahead so it’s in his best interests to be seen blowing his money while secretly making a shit-ton more elsewhere. Honestly, if he turned out to be a major crime influence or Rebel recruiter Kendall would not be surprised.

Mister Fancy Pants<tm>
The Imperial commander. Despite the Imperials generally making it hard for Kendall to do the things that he likes to do, and despite him being a ludicrously hard bargainer, Kendall kind of likes him too. Not on a personal level (the way he is liking That Merchant Guy) but more a professional level. In that whole ‘I see your Schwartz is as big as mine.’ kind of way. Here is a dude who gets things done. He seems to have a personal stake in his deployment here, he’s going to want things done in order to look good and Kendall can see an excellent working opportunity here. The fact that he was willing to even entertain the notion of a two-for-one bounty hunting licence shows that he’s willing to give and take to get what he wants and that is cool. That said Kendall’s under no illusions that the guy would probably sell him out in a minute if it could lead to a promotion or protect him so while he kind of likes him he doesn’t trust him at all.

Spud Face<tm>
Not technically one of the contacts at the party, but the Nikto gang boss probably bears a mention here. Kendall kind of likes him too. Doesn’t trust him at all (even less than Mister Fancy Pants) but can respect that he’s more than he initially appeared. He’s not some two bit gang boss, he’s clearly well connected. He had some big names at his gathering and that speaks volumes. That said he’s not some knuckle dragging thug. He can clearly be civil and present the façade of civility. He’s . . . interesting. And dangerous. But it’s the kind of danger that’s a bit of fun to be around so Kendall’s kind of looking forward to seeing where Spud Face’s working relationship with the group goes.

SEASON 1 - Episode III

I just loved the expressions on the faces of those Rannats when I turned the skiff around and came straight at them. They were so not expecting that! I think we may need to reinforce the skiff’s nose if I am going to make a habit of that. I may not be able to shoot all that well but when I can fly a skiff right into your FACE who needs blasters!!

I didn’t get all of the little buggers though. Hopefully I won’t catch anything from the bights to my arms. Maybe they should have found something to hold on to instead of going at me. A sudden jink to the left and they were sailing over the railing. Remember to buckle up next time boys!

It must have been my lucky day because we got invited to a pretty flash party that night. I didn’t get anywhere with that Twi’lek but who needs a Twi’lek when you can hang with a holovid star? I got her number and an invite to visit her on set! If she is as good at acting as she is beautiful I may even become a fanboy!

SEASON 1 - Episode III

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