STAR WARS: Tales of the Solay Express

SEASON 1 - Episode V

The Case of the Manlees Se’Tong

The Case of the Manlees Se’Tong

The crew of the Solay Express travel to the Te’Aatorus system at the behest of Imperial Commander ASHON WOORE to reacquire a precious painting. Things do not go as planned when Slyssk, and his Dug associate, are arrested for purchasing illegal goods.

After their release, and with authorities monitoring their movements, the situation improves when their pilot, Hal Novar, wins second place in the WESSELLIAN CLASSIC, his reward being a financial windfall and an invitation to the Governor’s mansion.

Armed with the invitation, and the Governor’s attention being drawn elsewhere, the crew must continue with the job they have been paid to perform, by stealing the priceless artwork, an item that may be more than what they originally bargained for....

DESTINY POOL: Light 8 / Dark 1



Nothing like a party with an open bar and someone else picking up the tab! I wonder if the Governor would have been as generous if he knew I was involved in the removal of his fancy painting. Even with it being some sort of rivalry I don’t think he would have been that giving!

So what should I do with my little windfall? I’m not letting the boss know about it because I’m pretty sure he would claim it as income for the business and that would be the last I would see of it.

I also don’t think the Gank needs to know about it. He is a mercenary but his contract is with the boss but if I leave a bit aside maybe I could strike a deal with him sometime.

Tal could be a worthy recipient of some of the credits. I wonder how much it would cost to have him build me a custom swoop? Fast, manoeuvrable and tailored to me. Now that would be awesome!

And Kendall (I wonder where Justin got that name from?) well he has changed. Or has he just been hiding some serious skills? When he had a blaster the safest place used to be right in front of him but now? I wonder if he is working for someone else? But for what purpose and why through the Solay Express?

SEASON 1 - Episode V

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