STAR WARS: Tales of the Solay Express

SEASON 2 - Episode III

Gone in 60 Parcsecs

Gone in 60 Parsecs

Imperial forces, still recovering from the attack on Solay’s capital city, send reinforcements to the system under the command of GENERAL KORD, a feared military strategist responsible for quelling dozens of rebellious systems.

Meanwhile, the Trandoshan’s of the BLACKSCALE CLAN, the new profit source of THE ASHEN HAND, have been betrayed by one of that organisation’s members, the former Chiss scientist DARIUS, who assisted with the escape of the clan’s captured Wookiee slaves.

Keeping his treachery secret, the crew of the SOLAY EXPRESS return home to further their agenda by stealing space worthy vessels. As several suitable craft are located, the true targets of the gambit are revealed....

TRIGGERED OBLIGATION: “Kylar” (Collateral Accountability [Hutt Clan])
DESTINY POOL: Light 2 / Dark 5

The PCs locate a suitable vessel using intelligence gained from the main Solay starport’s computer core. The PCs go to sneak into the bay and are met with resistance in the form of the owner of the ship along with an entourage of Black Sun gang members and Commandos.

The PCs eliminate the threat, capture the ship, and kidnap the pilot.

The PCs run into trouble though when their escape is hampered with mysterious problems occurring across the vessel. They soon learn that the ship is being sabotaged from within.

Whilst dealing with a new threat in the form of a group of Z-95s bearing the symbol of the Crimelord Belloq the Hutt, the PCs must deal with the pilot’s pesky astromech droid. The fighters are eventually destroyed, allowing the ship to eventually lurch into hyperspace towards their new destination, the world of Gelaed, where they hope to utilise the services of a well known engineer who is capable of cleaning the ship and its records.



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