Darius (Ald'arius'vhen)

Chiss (Male) - Engineer: Scientist


Skills: Computers 1, Cool 1, Knowledge (Education) 2, Mechanics 1, Medicine 1, Ranged (Light) 1
Talents: Intense Focus (Perform an Intense Focus maneuverer; suffer 1 strain and upgrade the ability of the next skill check once), Knowledge Specialization 1 (When making a Knowledge (Education) skill check, may spend result to gain additional successes equal to ranks in Knowledge Specialization), Natural Scholar (Once per session, may reroll any 1 Knowledge check), Researcher 1 (Remove per rank of Researcher from all Knowledge checks. Researching a subject takes half the time), Respected Scholar 1 (May downgrade difficulty of checks to interact with institutes of learning by one level per rank of Respected Scholar).
Abilities: Infravision (Chiss have adapted to be able to see in both the infrared and normal visual spectra. This enables Chiss characters to remove up to [SB] added to checks by lighting conditions.
Equipment: Entrenching tool (improvised) (Melee; Damage +2; Critical 4; Range [Engaged]; Inferior), Model 80 Blaster Pistol (Ranged [Light]; Damage 6; Critical 2; Range [Medium]; Stun setting), Heavy Clothing (+2 Soak), Utility belt, load-bearing gear, military belt pouch, tool kit, stimpack, physicians kit.



Obligation: His dependent, his sister Ald’aisi’vhen.

Motivation: His ambition to become an even more capable scientist. He wants to understand his sister’s condition, wants to be able to create a cure. Of course, he is also intensely craving the opportunity to prove his own intelligence as an added bonus.

Appearance: For what’s known of the mysterious Chiss, Darius would appear a model example. Blue skin, jet black hair and blood red eyes. For his people he is tall, standing just over 5’11 in height, bearing the lean countenance of a young man raised in the military. His every move appears efficient, nary a stray gesture going to waste, his calculating gaze betraying the extraordinary intelligence known of his people. Some humans or near humans might even consider him handsome for his refined and sharp features, but any attractiveness would undoubtedly be mired by the ever present coldness also known of his people.

For all that he is at his core however; his personage is clearly marked as one who has been forced to endure the more rugged elements of the galaxy in recent times. With his stern gait and measured voice, one would expect a military uniform and regulation hair cut. Instead, his hair has grown shoulder length and unkempt, his outfit that of a dusty fringer. Beneath a heavily worn jacket, a load bearing harness adorns him with all manner of tools and equipment that would befit an engineer who has to stay on the move.


Darius (Ald'arius'vhen)

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