Hal Novar

Human (Corellian Male) Pilot


Skills: Cool 1, Gunnery 1, Perception 1, Piloting (Planetary 2), Piloting (Space) 3,
Talents: All-Terrain Driver Do not suffer usual penalties for driving through difficult terrain when using Piloting (Planetary)), Fine Tuning (Whenever a character reduced the amount of strain a starship or vehicle suffers, he reduces one additional strain), Full throttle (Take a Full Throttle action; make a Hard () Piloting check to increase a vehicle’s top speed by 1 for a number of rounds equal to Cunning), High-G Training 2 (When a starship or vehicle being pilotied would suffer system strain, may suffer up to 2 strain to prevent an equal amount of system strain), Short Cut 2 (During a chase, add to any checks made to catch or escape an opponent), Skilled Jockey 2 (Remove from all piloting (Planetary) and Piloting (Space) checks the character attempts)
Abilities: None.
Equipment: Corellian cutlass (Melee; Damage +2; Critical 3; Range [Engaged]; Defensive 1, Vicious 1), HL-27 light blaster pistol (Ranged [Light]; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Accurate 1, Stun setting), heavy clothing (+2 soak), comlink, datapad, military field manual, utility belt, military belt pouch, military pack, macrobinoculars, bottle Corellian Whiskey, bottle Whyren’s Reserve Correllian Whiskey, emergency medpac, stimpack, extra re-load.


Backstory: Hal’s family were swoop racing fans. His first toy was a plush swoop. He was only 4 weeks old when he was taken to his first swoop race. So when he showed an interest in racing at a young age he was encouraged to do it.

Much to his parents delight he had some talent and was soon a regular competiter in the junior divisions. While not as gifted as the top pilots he had a reckless disregard for danger and self preservation which earned him a number of victories and a scholarship to one of the better schools on Corellia where he became an integral part of the school swoop team.

Despite all this racing Hal had a dream. He wanted to join the Corellian Security Force and be a star fighter pilot.

Obligation: Antagonist (5), High/Risk (10), Notoriety (5).

Motivation: Reward/Excitement – A Jedi might not crave excitement but Hal does and he finds nothing more exciting than flying fast except for flying very fast while dodging obstacles. You have been warned.

Appearance: While danger isn’t Hal’s middle name it should be. Why take the easy way when you can take the exciting way? Mind you some people describe the exciting way as dangerous, crazy, suicidal, you get the idea! But those people don’t understand the thrill of backing yourself and pushing your skills to their limits.


Hal Novar

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