Kendall Hanlon (Deceased)

Human (Male) Gambler



Skills: Charm 1, Cool 2, Deception 2, Knowledge (Underworld) 1, Negotiation 1, Perception 1, Ranged (Light) 1, Skulduggery 1, Streetwise 1
Talents: Convincing Demeanor (Remove [Setback] from any Deception or Skulduggery checks), Second Chances 1 (Once per encounter, choose 1 positive dice and re-roll it), Up the Ante 1 (When gambling, win 10% more credits)
Abilities: None
Equipment: Blaster pistol (Ranged [Light]; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Stun setting), holdout blaster (Ranged [Light]; Damage 5; Critical 4; Range [Short]; Stun setting), catch vest (+1 soak), smuggler trenchcoat (+2 soak; Def 1/1), sabacc deck, chance cube, backpack, canteen, datapad, false credentials


Backstory: A wastrel third son of a captain of industry on Corellia, nothing was expected of the young boy named Jasten Adaire, who wasted his time (and his seemingly limitless allowance) on gambling, pleasurable company and fancy toys. Or at least that was the case until his father died and his oldest brother Tam decided to cement a solid business alliance with a rival family by marrying Jasten to what was essentially a twenty year old Druilla Sea Hag.

Despite a call to do his duty and ‘take one for the family’, Jasten took off, liquidated a bunch of his stuff in a hurry, stole a bunch of money and bought passage off planet for the first clunky freighter headed in a direction which would taken him as far away from Corellia as he could get.

Sadly, Jasten (now calling himself Kendall Hanlon) has not learned his lesson and come crawling home as he’s stupidly lucky and has fallen on his feet (to a given definition of falling on his feet) and has managed to make a decent living at the gambling parlours (legal and not so legal) to be found on the Outer Rim. He’s turned his wastrel skills into a decent living, with a little help from his cocky charm and his ability to lie his way out of what ever he can’t shoot his way out of. If he could just friggin’ save some money, instead of blowing it on fine (to a given definition of fine) clothing, booze and women he’d be doing pretty well. But as long as he can scrape up a stake (real or imagined) he’s been able to gamble his way to his next meal, room and occasional strumpet. So far.

Obligation: Bounty (10), Favour (10)

Motivation: Reward (Independence) – Really, if he were really honest with himself, Kendall (and he’s really beginning to buy more and more into this new identity he’s created) wants to be free. Free to do what he chooses, to go where he wants and to not have to worry about people with stun guns and nets trying to make him do something he doesn’t want to. Maybe that’s why he’s chasing the Big Score™ that will allow him to buy his way to this mythical free life.

Appearance: Kendall is a fancy dresser, wearing the latest fashions, and looks dead cool in them. Kendall is a big fan of button down shirt and vest with a big, velvet overcoat style reminiscent of the style associated more with the Core Worlds than in the Outer Rim. He has soft facial features with smooth angles and generally amused look, like he’s just farted and he knows that somebody else is going to get blamed for it. Kendall has shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and a light tan.


Kendall Hanlon (Deceased)

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