"Kylar" (Deceased)

Gank (Male) Hired Gun (Heavy)



Skills: Athletics 1, Coercion 1, Discipline 1, Gunnery 1, Mechanics 1, Perception 1, Piloting (Planetary) 1, Ranged (Heavy) 2, Resilience 1, Vigilance 1
Talents: Burly 2, Barrage 1, Brace 1, Cyberneticist 1, Eye for Detail 1, Spare Clip
Abilities: Cyborg (Ganks may begin play with up to two cybernetic implants that cost up to 5,000 credits. Extra credits for obligation may be applied to purchase these cybernetics), Cybernetics (Maximum Cybernetics adjusted by +3).


Backstory: As soon as he was old enough to carry a weapon, ‘Killer’, as he was known, was employed in the services of the Hutts, specifically a Hutt Kajidic whose membership included a Hutt called Belloq. Killer’s ‘murder’, the name they gave a family or gang of Ganks, was assigned to Belloq the Hutt as his personal security force. The ‘murder’ was indentured to the Hutt for the rest of their lives, no matter how short that may be. It was their lot in life, and as many would attest, a job they were well skilled to perform.

Over the years, ‘Killer’ fought well and earned a lot of money for his masters, eventually earning a place beside Belloq as one of his inner guards. Belloq liked to introduce the Gank as his ‘Gank Killer’. Due to the accent of the Ganks, when he spoke, the name would sound to the human ear as “Kylar”. Consequently, the name stuck, and he forever lost his real identity.

Then came Treska the Hutt, a major rival to Belloq who for some reason came to oppose him at every turn. The two Hutt’s had long been rivals, some say centuries, but ‘Killer’ knew that the two began their feud just before the start of the Clone Wars. During the feud, Belloq became paranoid and came to keep ‘Killer’ and his murder close to hand at all times. Eventually however, Treska made her move, and a Bounty Hunter slaughtered his way through ’Killer’s’ murder, only sparing the Gank through sheer chance. Belloq died as a result of the Gank’s failure, and in a kind of sick joke the galaxy was playing on him, he survived.

Eventually, ‘Killer’ made his way back to the Hutt homeworld of Nar Shaddaa, and brought news to Belloq’s Kajidic. The news was not received well, and it quickly became apparent that ‘Killer’ was about to be held accountable for the Hutt’s demise. Wisely, the Gank left before the Kajidic could take retribution and soon after travelled to a quiet corner of the galaxy where he could rest up, and consider his next move. Months turned to years, and soon after, the Empire took control of the galaxy.

‘Killer’ took odd jobs here and there, and for a time, took on several private bounties, never wanting to officially register with the Empire else be potentially cornered by one of Belloq’s relatives. Mostly though, the Gank laid low, earning enough credits to keep alive, and move to the next system when things got a little hot. Eventually, ‘Killer’ ended up on the planet of Solay, a system possibly as far from civilization as the likes of Tatooine – another planet he would like to forget about. Solay was in the same system that the Hutt who had been responsible for Belloq’s demise frequented, and was a place therefore that members of Belloq’s Kajidic would be least likely to be searching.

Solay had some strict laws regarding weapons, to the point he was forced to register as a Bounty Hunter to keep much of his arsenal. It was through this method however, as he had previously suspected, that Belloq’s Kajidic found him.

Dragged in front of several of his kind, along with a Bounty Hunter named Bellysa, ‘Killer’ was interrogated at length. Perhaps tempers had cooled over time, or perhaps it was that Bellysa’s heart just wasn’t in it, but somehow, ‘Killer’ managed to escape that encounter unscathed – physically at least. The Bounty Hunter demanded payment to look the other way or they would take his life, and ship his head back to Belloq’s Kajidic. ‘Killer’ had little choice, and his last credit helped fill the female hunter’s pocket.

With no credits, and nothing but the weapon on his back, ‘Killer’ was suddenly in need of work. At that moment, as he headed into a local cantina, ’Killer’s’ interest was piqued by an advertisement asking for a heavy-hand to protect the investment of a new startup going by the name “The Solay Express”. ‘Killer’ was overqualified for the job, and didn’t particularly like the idea of additional duties to include lifting heavy crates into a transports, but it was not that he had much choice – plus the new owner was promising a good wage.

Obligation: Collateral Accountability (20)

Motivation: Conflict (Blood Money) – Killer, or “Kylar”, as the humans would call him, never fancied killing nor hated the notion of it. Murder and death was something that all members of his race performed, whether for sport, or for a living. It’s what they were bred to do, and the Hutt’s certainly didn’t discourage them doing so. It is what most of his race were good at too; in fact it was most likely that was the only thing they were good at. Kylar, was, as his name would imply, a killer, and filled that role well. Kylar was somewhat different than his kin though as his had a hidden conflict. Most of his kin loved the thrill of the kill. Killer though was more focused on performing a good job and always took great pride in his work. Of course, he kept this hidden, and was possibly the reason he was able to adapt so well to living with those that his kind would normally not hesitate to obliterate. His skills also have the added benefit that when his back is to the wall, and he needs to come up with a lot of credits, money comes cheap on the Edge of the Empire when you can kill for profit.

Appearance: “Kylar’s” face is always covered with a helmet. Under the grey colored armor, Kyler has orange yellow fur. The Gank is of stocky build, about 5’5" with a square face and small mean eyes if anyone ever gets that close. His mouth is always curled up into a nasty snarl. The armor he wears befits his species, and several bio-mechanical devices adorn his skin. He is always carrying some type of gun but typically it is his heavy blaster rifle.


"Kylar" (Deceased)

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