Talgoto Ruus

Dug Mechanic


Talgoto Ruus is a grizzled dug approaching the middle age of his life. Given his aggressive nature and almost total lack of social grace it is surprising he has lived so long. In fact he would have fallen to a foul end except for one thing… he is an exceptional and gifted mechanic.

Because of the fact no employer can put up with the sour dug for too long at a time, Tal has worked hundreds of contracts across half the galaxy, building a wealth of experience over 20+ years in space. His exceptional skills and ability to jury rig almost any system has served his various employers well, but his tendency to tinker and customise ships to the point only he can fix them, along with his general unpleasant nature means they are never keen to keep the dug around for extended periods of time. In fact a few employers harbor deeper, uglier sentiments towards Talgoto, enough to have triggered a small bounty, along with one former employer eager to see the dug suffer for many years to come…

Secretly Talgoto yearns to make friends, but his impulsive tinkering and gruff exterior have lead to a mostly solitary life. His many job changes over the years have exposed him to a wealth of people and places, but almost no close attachments over the years. As a result Talgoto is a thoroughly worldly and knowledgeable dug , if you can put up with him long enough to find out.

And when another job ended, Talgoto found himself out of work, money and further prospects for months – at a dead end in his life. Until a Transdoshan started talking about rebuilding his business – and a rundown ship.

Throwing himself eagerly into work on the ship, Tal’s skills have seen the Express ready to fly again in record time, and with it has come a new start to his life. Maybe – finally – the dug can get the social side right this time, or at least keep his mouth shut long enough for people not to instantly hate him…

Talgoto Ruus

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