Winter Ren

Human - Bounty Hunter: Gadgeteer/Slicer



Skills: Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Computers 2, Knowledge (Education) 1, Knowledge (Underworld) 1, Mechanics 1, Melee 1, Perception 1, Piloting (Space) 1, Ranged (Heavy) 2, Ranged (Light) 2, Stealth 2, Streetwise 1, Survival 1, Vigilance 1

Talents: Armour Master, Armour Master (Improved), Bypass Security 1, Codebreaker 1, Dedication (Agility), Defensive Slicing 2, Defensive Slicing (Improved) Defensive Stance 1, Grit 1 Jury Rigged 1, Natural Programmer, Technical Aptitude 1, Tinkerer 1, Toughened 1

Abilities: None

Equipment: Combat knife, Blaster Pistol, DH-X Heavy Blaster Rifle, Stealth Vibroblade, Heavy Clothing, Laminate Armour, Syntherope, field rations, slicer gear, utility belt, military pack


Born Ren Alrai on Dominus, Ren grew up seeing the benefits of the Republic and later the Empire. Her life was one of peace and prosperity brought by having parents that were representatives on the board of Sinar Fleet Systems, manufacturers of the most popular vessel in the Imperial Fleet – the T.I.E. Fighter.

Ren saw the downfall of the Jedi and the rise of the Empire from the ashes of the Republic and supported the Emperor whole heartedly in his defence of the systems. Unfortunately, some rebel scum opposed the Emperor and so came terrorist attacks on her home world, caused by the rebellious Dorneans.

In her cadet core she was well respected for her loyalty and diligence, despite her parent’s position of influence she worked hard and took no shortcuts. When the time came she chose to join the ranks of the Imperial Army, and though her parents could have used their influence to gain her a safe job on a Core World, she had joined to fight the rebels who had been responsible for the death of millions in her home system.

Her natural aptitudes saw her progress first into the ranks of Stormtroopers, trained by those Clones left over from the Clone Wars. From there she progressed into a Commando unit which was deployed to Solay.

Ren has been taught, and believes, that the Jedi are a dangerous cult that used their religious practices of “The Force” to control people and that it was the courage of the Emperor and his loyal servant Darth Vader that overthrew them. She sees those that try to adhere to this cult as dangerous and misguided individuals, though she lacks personal experience with them. For her, the only knowledge she has of them is knowing what the Empire has taught her.

Saying Ren’s first mission as a commando went badly would be a gross over-simplification. Months of work had gone into preparation for their duties. Her far more experienced team mates were confident they were ready to strike at their target that they had been given. It was seen as a routine mission, just another assault on an enemy of the Empire, specifically a rebel cell rumoured to be operating in the badlands. There were risks of course, and they were well understood by everyone on the mission; all except for one – betrayal.

Things started going wrong, as they always do, near immediately. They were deployed by Imperial shuttle to their designated position. As the ramp lowered, that was when the attack came. Their position was exposed, but the more experienced commandos kept it calm and hauled their rookie through. Then their intelligence about the enemies numbers started to be wrong. There were more rebels that the mission brief claimed, and the equipment they brought to fight was far more than Ren had ever seen in the hands of civillians.

Captain Rolek and Sargent Somar, the two longest serving squad members had a conversation, and soon after brought everyone else in on their plan. The mission was a failure, the information wasn’t simply wrong, the enemy was hunting them, herding them towards a trap they would not escape from. Rolek was obviously worried they were already too far in as it was, so they began devising exit strategies, with what they hoped would be minimal losses. With the plan set, the fighting began in earnest. It quickly became apparent that Rolek’s assessment was correct. They were now in a running firefight that if they did not escape swiftly, they would be overwhelmed. Unfortunately their adversary was just as determined not to let them escape and just as prepared.

Rolek and Somar, for all their experience, were the first two to fall. The worst thing about their deaths was it was clear that the enemy knew who the squad members were and who would be their primary targets. When there were only 3 of them left it was Ren who convinced them to change tactics and go back to attacking not running. By then their armour was scorched and useless, and they were already running on energy clips scavenged from their fallen enemies. Abandoning their armour, with a little booby trap present, they turned around and managed to get behind the enemy. From there they began searching for the enemy commander. It was their only hope of escape, even if their original mission was far beyond hope. Eventually their defences completely collapsed. Ren and the last survivng members of the squad were gunned down.

Ren woke up from that final battle in a bacta tank, a tall Y’org dressed in more modern clothes for his kind, stood calmly outside watching her. When she was release from the tank, the elderly statesman introduced himself as Jado Daival, and explained to her that he respected her determination in that she had tried to pull victory from defeat until the last, risking herself to save her teammates, even if the gesture had been futile.

Over the course of her recovery she learnt that the enemy had been supplied all their planing, all their dossiers, and that officially she, Ren Alrai was dead. He also explained that all of this had been paid for by someone in the Empire, someone she had placed her trust with. He would not share the name of that person, but claimed that if she did not work for him, that her family would bear the brunt of her shame. With his help she created a new identity and became the bounty hunter Winter Ren.

Sanctioned by the Empire, she took on assignments relating to corrupt officials with particular relish (though she took other missions as well). While she was beholden to her former enemy, she secretly sought out the one who betrayed her team and worked to free herself from the trap she was still caught in.

Now she thinks she knows the source of the betrayal, Lord Blackheart, and now she just needs allies powerful enough, and with reason enough to oppose him. Fortunately the group known has the Ashen Hand seems perfect for this particular task.

Winter Ren

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