Character Descriptions


Name: Talgoto Ruus
Race: Dug
Facial Description: Typical doug with purple brown skin.
General Description: Typical of his species.
Clothing: Work fatigues or some type of coveralls
Anything else you’d like to add: Plenty of tools & tool belts, plus his blaster pistol sticking up out of one of them


Name: Slyssk
Race: Trandoshan
Facial Description: Light green skin, Red eyes. Well spoken and good looking for a Trandoshan
General Description: Typical of his species with perhaps a pair of thin, round rim sunglasses
Clothing: Long fur coat (Wookie Skin). Large broad brim hat
Anything else you’d like to add: Best described as “pimp looking”


Name: Hal Novar
Race: Human
Facial Description: Think Tony Curtis from The Great Race (complete with glinting teeth when he smiles)
General Description: Brown hair and Green eyes. Slim
Clothing: An armoured space suit when aboard ship. When planet side dresses more like Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy
Anything else you’d like to add: Tends to grin maniacally when he sees an opportunity to go FFFAAAAASSSSTTTTT!


Name: “Kylar”
Race: Gank
Facial Description: It is always covered with a helmet.
General Description: Orangey yellow fur which is always covered by the armour. Stocky build, about 5’5" with a square face and small mean eyes if anyone ever glimpses that. His mouth is always curled up into a nasty snarl.
Clothing: Covered in armour which is equivalent to a Storm Trooper or Boba Fett.
Anything else you’d like to add: He is always carrying some type of gun but typically it is his heavy blaster rifle.


Name: Kendall Hanlon
Race: Human
Facial Description: Soft facial features with smooth angles and generally amused look, like he’s just farted and he knows that somebody else is going to get blamed for it. Shoulder lengthed brown hair, brown eyes, light tan.
General Description: Fancy lad. The guy who wears the latest things and looks dead cool in them
Clothing: Big fan of button down shirt and vest with a big, velvet overcoat thing. Kind of like Lando’s cape only as a coat.
Anything else you’d like to add: Perhaps displaying a card from a sabaacc deck?


Name: Darius (Ald’arius’vhen)
Race: Chiss
Facial Description: Some humans or near humans might even consider him handsome for his refined and sharp features, but any attractiveness would undoubtedly be mired by the ever present coldness also known of his people. With his stern gait and measured voice, one would expect a military uniform and regulation hair cut. Instead, his hair has grown shoulder length and unkempt, his outfit that of a dusty fringer.
General Description: Blue skin, jet black hair and blood red eyes. For his people he is tall, standing just over 5’11 in height, bearing the lean countenance of a young man raised in the military.
Clothing: Beneath a heavily worn jacket, a load bearing harness adorns him with all manner of tools and equipment that would befit an engineer who has to stay on the move.
Anything else you’d like to add: His every move appears efficient, nary a stray gesture going to waste, his calculating gaze betraying the extraordinary intelligence known of his people. For all that he is at his core however; his personage is clearly marked as one who has been forced to endure the more rugged elements of the galaxy in recent times.

Character Descriptions

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